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Yttrandiel killed 3 Winged Fanged Skeletons in 2 rounds...  view more

     August 22nd
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Happening Now...
Several adventurers have reported encountering an odd statue in Trithik.
A glowing wagon, drawn by invisible horses, was spotted in Port Hallik...
Several adventurers have reported finding an intriguing statue in Talinus.
Wybaar engaged 4 Giant Ants...
Wybaar killed Krogari in 3 rounds...
Wybaar was seen departing from Tryndmoor, reportedly bound for Trithik.
Wybaar was recently seen in and around the city of Tryndmoor...
Several adventurers have reported seeing an intriguing statue in Trithik.
Wybaar was recently seen in and around the city of Tryndmoor...

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