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Alayna has embarked on an adventure titled "A Little Matter About an Orb"...  view more

     July 21st
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Jul 18  -The Doors of Deception
Jul 18  -5 Days Left!
Jul 9  -Special Packages Update
Jul 8  -General Updates
Jul 8  -Special Packages - Update
Jul 8  -Special Packages - Sale
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Happening Now...
Austen has achieved Level 70 in Elementalism...
Shahrul was recently seen in and around the village of Hawklor...
Austen has achieved Level 70 in Shadow Magic...
An adventurer has reported finding a strange statue in Trithik.
Diarmuid O Duvne killed 4 Wild Dogs in 3 rounds...
Austen killed Living Troll Statue in 10 rounds...
Alayna killed 2 Slithering Menaces in 5 rounds...
Austen killed Living Brigand Statue in 11 rounds...
Diarmuid O Duvne was recently seen in and around the village of Hawklor...

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Happening Now...
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