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Bugul Noz valiantly engaged Skirmisher Ant (3 of 3)...  view more

     August 28th
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News & Announcements
Aug 23  -Zorliarn's Ring of Arcana
Aug 23  -Oakenstone Mask II
Aug 21  -Midnight Elixir
Aug 15  -Aura of Mastery
Aug 15  -The Wand, Part II
Aug 15  -Game Engine Updated
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Happening Now...
Hecht killed Knight of The Griffon in 14 rounds...
Ronk Tonk Tonk was sighted arriving at Greenmarsh on foot.
Adusa valiantly battled Halgirom...
Lance was spotted departing from Talinus, reportedly bound for Hawklor.
Lance was recently seen in and around the city of Talinus...
Lance was sighted traveling through Southwest Tysa on horseback, reportedly headed for Talinus.
An adventurer has reported encountering a strange statue in Durnsig.
Bugul Noz valiantly engaged Skirmisher Ant (3 of 3)...
Bugul Noz killed Skirmisher Ant (2 of 3) in 5 rounds...

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