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Mabrook has embarked on an adventure titled "The Dark of Riddlewood"...  view more

     January 21st
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News & Announcements
Jan 15  -Toegrog's Curse - Wear 5 Rings!
Jan 13  -Joe Dever - Thank You
Jan 13  -The Brothers
Jan 1  -Raffle ATs Returned Tonight
Dec 25  -Merry Christmas to All
Dec 25  -A Fateful Collision - Update
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Happening Now...
Zegnor fought Frozen Brigand...
Big John has achieved Level 50 in Weaponry: Stabbing...
Geery Valtien was sighted traveling through Northern Tysa on foot, headed for parts unknown.
Odii killed Helmed Ghoul Lord in 8 rounds...
Kynjin Flintfoot has embarked on an adventure titled "The Man in The Leather Hat"...
Kynjin Flintfoot was recently seen in and around the city of Tryndmoor...
Odii engaged Lord Jurth Creyn...
Several adventurers have reported finding an odd statue in Durnsig.
A glowing wagon, drawn by invisible horses, was seen leaving Dragonwrath...

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