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A handful of adventurers have reported seeing an interesting statue in Trithik.  view more

     December 6th
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Dec 2  -Oakenstone Mask Adventures
Dec 2  -Oakenstone Mask II Prizes
Nov 19  -Oakenstone Mask II Underway
Nov 17  -Adventurer Survival Pack (Dragongem)
Nov 16  -Oakenstone Mask Adventures
Nov 16  -Oakenstone Mask II
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Happening Now...
Hwawrang killed 2 Vicious Wolves in 2 rounds...
Khondahr was recently seen in and around the village of Hawklor...
Khondahr was sighted arriving at Hawklor on horseback.
Nero Daemon has embarked on an adventure titled "A Midday Encounter"...
Several adventurers have reported finding a strange statue in Trithik.
A glowing wagon, drawn by invisible horses, was seen leaving Redglen...
Vampb killed Lone Bandit in 3 rounds...
Nero Daemon was recently seen in and around the city of Trithik...
Nero Daemon was seen departing from Marl's Wood, bound for parts unknown.

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