Graldok - Gateway To The South

Graldok is one of the most heavily-fortified cities in all of the North Broadlands. It is here that most of Tysa's standing army resides in times of peace. The city is surrounded by lush farmland, although nearly a quarter of it has been claimed for use as "proving fields" for the army.

The citizens of Graldok take great pride in Tysa's military, and in the city soldiers are treated with great respect.

The affairs of the city are overseen by Thane Marindol, one of Tysa's five Thanes .

Graldok is called the "Gateway to The South" because it has long defended the southern part of the nation, which offers one of the few convenient ways into the country (the Raelep Pass ).

Thane Marindol has at times found himself at odds with the Tysa's military leaders who often occupy the city. Many of Tysa's military elite do not trust the Thane, but their mistrust is tempered by the knowledge that he remains one of King Wenreald's favourite stewards.