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Draak's  Sryth™ Adventurer Profile

Draak is an aspiring adventurer.

Possessing five skills and versed in one magical discipline , the expert bladesman and skillful summoner is becoming known as an accomplished explorer.

Draak is from the adventurer roster of konoheni.

Melee Rating: 49 Stamina Points: 60 Nevernal Reserve: 10

Agility:  19
Body:  17
Might:  20
Aura:  16
Mind:  19
Spirit:  20
Luck:  16

Skill Level Title
Arcana 34 Skillful Arcanist
Diplomacy 50 Expert Envoy
Horsemanship 25 Journeyman Horseman
Lore 26 Journeyman Sage
Weaponry: Stabbing 50 Expert Bladesman

Power Level Title
Gating 35 Skillful Summoner

Equipment in Use

Wielded Weapon:   Dagger of Emerald Flame
Armour (Torso):   Scale Shirt
Armour (Head):   Helm of The Stag
Armour (Shield):   Shield of The Dragon
Armour (Waist):   Belt of The Bear
Armour (Arms):   Banded Sleeves
Armour (Legs):   Studded Leather Greaves
Armour (Feet):   Scale Boots
Armour (Hands):   Gauntlets of The Wolf
Armour (Rings):   Ring of The Serpent
Armour (Neck):   Wooden Flame Amulet
Armour (Back):   Cape of The Griffon
Armour (Tabard):   ---
Armour (Pendant):   ---
Armour (Wrist):   ---

Please Note: If this is your Adventurer Profile and it's missing any of its sections (skills, powers, equipped items) or seems otherwise incomplete, please be sure that you've recently saved your game.

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Adventurer Profile last updated:  6/21/2017 05:57 PM

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